9 Auto Hacks That Will Change Your Car’s Life

Bet you’ve never used toothpaste like this before


Living in L.A. has its perks. You get to do things like sit next to Meryl Streep at brunch, take a long lunch so you can hit the beach for an hour, eat kale while you do yoga. (There are actually Angelenos who get to do those things, right?) But living in the City of Angels means you’re guaranteed to spend a significant amount of time in your car. Instead of speeding up to get in front of that car in the next lane over just to meet it at the stoplight, chill out and enjoy the journey with these important and perhaps lifesaving car hacks. Who knows, maybe with your eased temperament, you’ll invent the newest “L.A. thing”—car yoga, anyone?

1. Swipe Toothpaste on Fogged Headlights

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With all this L.A. smog, your headlights are bound to get filthy. Regular old blue toothpaste does wonders on grimy headlights. Just make sure not to use the whitening kind because that could actually cause some damage.

2. Use Your Head

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Point your key fob towards your noggin to increase the strength of the signal. We swear—your oral cavity and the fluids (salt water) swishing around your brain combine for you to successfully perform sorcery when you can’t remember if you parked in C or G.

3. Snap a Parking Spot Selfie

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If you still don’t trust yourself to remember the location of your parking spot, get rid of the guesswork by simply taking a picture of where you parked.

4. Fuel My Route

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Never argue with your significant other again—about who has the cheapest gas prices, anyway. Fuel My Route shows the lowest prices along your journey. Whether you’re going for a weekend trip to visit the in-laws or driving cross-country to see a reunion tour, this eliminates a needless worry.

5. Freshen with Dryer Sheets

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Air fresheners can be costly and their smell fades quicker than the flavor of a piece of Bubbletape. Instead, try dryer sheets in your car for a more palatable smell that lasts longer. Bonus: They cost about .05 cents per sheet.

6. Screenshot Your Directions

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If you’re traveling in uncharted territory and worry about forking over extra data charges, look the directions up beforehand and take screenshots. This will take some foresight and planning. But hey, the money you’re saving can buy you so many dryer sheets.

7. Toss Trash in a Sealable Cereal Container

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Be a grown up and quit using that fast food bag for all your discarded gum wrappers and tissues you use to mop up your road rage induced tears when you’re sitting in traffic on the 110 freeway. Instead, line a sealable cereal container with a plastic bag, and empty it like you do your trash bins at home when it’s full. Hygiene for the win!

8. Jerry-rig a Phone Holder

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A binder clip or a rubber band double as the perfect hands-free phone holder, especially if you’re trying to follow directions. Guaranteed to be much safer than you staring into your lap while trying to find that frozen yogurt place.

9. Carry a Map!

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Go old school, just in case your phone dies and you find yourself away from all civilization (the dream!). Make sure to look it over once or twice before you get yourself in that situation, just so you know how to read it correctly when the time comes. You won’t regret the precaution.

Photgraphs courtesy (1-6,9) shutterstock, (7, 8) flickr

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