Two New Fast Food Gut Bombs—Just In Time for Summer!

Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. welcome new calorie-filled goodies to their menus


Ever since Super Size Me hit theaters in 2004, fast food restaurants around the country have been making efforts to promote healthier options on their menu. McDonalds began offering apple slices as an alternative to french fries, and Taco Bell introduced a lower calorie “fresco menu.” The fresco crunchy taco weighs in at only 150 calories, but come on – what’s Taco Bell without the cheese?

Perhaps these restaurants noticed that their most loyal clientele aren’t really into calorie counting, because within the last week  Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr. have put their healthy efforts on pause and made some rather unhealthy (if curiously appetizing) additions to their menus.

Last Thursday, Taco Bell welcomed a smothered burrito to their menu. This 10.5-inch gooey concoction consists of a flour tortilla oozing with shredded chicken, rice, and refried beans, which is then drenched in a blanket of sour cream, red sauce, and a three-cheese blend. Of course, the folks over at Taco Bell did decide to use reduced-fat sour cream. We suppose that makes it diet friendly?

After you’ve gorged on a smothered burrito, head over to Carl’s Jr. for their new Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, you could probably just go into your kitchen and make one for yourself (why in the world haven’t we already?!) but that would involve, you know, work—and why not have Carl’s Jr. do the calorie-burning part for you? The sandwich is made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream spread between two halves of a strawberry Pop Tart.

It goes without saying, but you know where you can find us this weekend.

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