The Return of the Taco-Copter, For Real This Time

Flying tacos—finally a reality


Lazy eaters of the world, gather ’round. Or better yet, don’t, because this news is flying straight to you. A little over a year ago, rumors of a drone helicopter food delivery system sent the ’net into a tortilla-fueled tizzy. Based in Silicon Valley, the “TacoCopter” would, if real, allow users to order delicious Mexican treats via their smartphones and have it delivered by flying drone. Sadly these rumors proved to be phony, but this past weekend a new flying taco robot was just unveiled at the Disrupt SF technology conference. Needless to say, we’re a little excited.

Designed by the San Francisco-based robotics company Skycatch, the TacoCopter 2.0 features the same basic principles as the original: a flying quadcopter with an attached open-hatch box, from which drops lovely little parcels of taco-y goodness. According to Tech Crunch, this particular version was piloted via remote control by a SkyCatch employee, though autonomous and laser-following prototypes also exist.

This is hardly the first TacoCopter copy-cat. Yo! Sushi in London has been testing a 25 mph sushi-copter in its Soho location and Domino’s Pizza released footage of the “world’s first” pizza-copter back in June.

Unfortunately, the same Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restrictions over commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, which stopped the first TacoCopter from — pardon — taking off, are still in effect until at least 2015. ’Til then, we’ll keep dreaming of the day we’ll see Ricky’s fish tacos just falling from the sky.

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