The Beer Chicks’ Favorite Homebrew Supply Stores, Plus Their New Book and Online Shop!


The second book from Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, aka the Beer Chicks, is out. The Naked Brewer, the follow-up to The Naked Pint, tackles all things homebrewing, including equipment and recipes. We asked the duo where the heck we can get all the hops, grains, yeast strains, and sanitizing equipment necessary to get our home-brewery up and running. Here, they share their favorite homebrew supply retailers:

For us, going to the home brew supply store is like when a die-hard camper goes into REI.  We could spend hours and hours in these stores and frequently have. Not only do these shops have everything that you could possibly need or want to brew beer including a super wide array of specialty grains, hops and yeast strains. They also have kegging and bottling equipment, sanitizing (very important in home brewing) equipment, clarifiers, and other fancy things that we stare at with awe and lust, but aren’t within our budgets—like a temperature-regulated stainless steel conical fermenter with a rotating racking arm (sigh, someday).

The best thing, however, about these homebrew shops is the advice that you can get from the staff. Greg Beron, owner of Culver City Home Brew Supply, always takes the time to talk to us about what beer we’re brewing and what techniques and ingredients we’re thinking about using. He’ll give us great advice, like using oak chips to soak in bourbon and then put in our fermenter for a “whiskey barrel-aged” effect, or what hop varietals to use if our desired hops aren’t available.  He’ll even give us little tastes of recent home-brews that are chilling in the walk-in cooler. These stores also offer classes on brewing for the beginner to the more advanced.

The ones we visit most frequently:

Culver City Home Brewing Supply and Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply are both owned by the same people, but are on different sides of town which was perfect for us because we live on completely different sides of town!

Culver City Home Brewing Supply
4358 1/2 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230

Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply
4981 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

We also really like the Home Wine Beer and Cheesemaking Shop in the Valley:

Home Wine Beer Cheesemaking Shop
22836 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

There’s also a nice new shop in Torrance called South Bay Brewing Supply Co.

South Bay Brewing Supply Co.
1311 Post Ave.
Torrance, CA  90501

 We’re also super excited to announce the launch of our own online home brew shop called The Beer Chicks Home Brew Shop. Here we are selling our own smaller batch homebrew starter equipment kit that we recommend in the book and are also selling full ingredient kits for six of our recipes from “The Naked Brewer”, including two seasonal beers for a Pumpkin Ale called “Controversial Pumpkin Ale” and “Der Nackte Brauer Fest Bier” just in time for Oktoberfest. We’re also selling ingredient kits for our dry and hoppy West Coast Hopped-Up American Pale Ale, our herbaceous Lemon Verbena Basil Wheat beer, our dark, but crisp and clean Black Smoke Pale and a perfectly balanced Honey Chamomile Blonde Ale. Go to to check it out!  

Thanks guys! We will.

(Photography by Tatiana Arbogast/Grub Street)

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