Test Taste: The Crullant & Two Other Cronut Knock-Offs

Sure, L.A. has some cronut knock-offs, but are they any good?


The Cronut has reached worldwide fame. Created in New York by pastry chef Dominique Ansel, it combines the flaky richness of a croissant with the simple pleasures of a filled donut. We haven’t tasted the real thing (yet), but have noted that a few bakeries in L.A. land are trying to jump on the cronut-wagon. Our three contenders are Semi Sweet Bakery, downtown L.A.; Frances Bakery, in Little Tokyo; and DK’s Donuts & Bakery, in Santa Monica.

Have you seen another cronut around town? Do tell! The comments section is down below.

 Semi Sweet Bakery Frances Bakery
DK Donuts
Size Smaller than a Krispy Kreme Larger than the average donut Flat and wide
Appearance Perky, golden brown and glistening Distinct layers, sugar-crusted exterior Distinct layers, sugar-crusted
Texture Crispy; inside, a bit doughy Crunchy, flaky, oily Tough, flaky, oily
Flavor Like cane sugar syrup and butter Pronounced vanilla; dark chocolate Like old fryer oil
Icing Only a simple glaze Vanilla or chocolate None
Filling None Vanilla custard only Vanilla, chocolate (texture of shaving cream) or strawberry (like runny jello)
Overall Light, simple, good Rich, but good No

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  • Joe Pardo

    This review may be dated by this point. I went to DK’s two weeks ago and they had such a wide variety of Cronuts that the one tried by the reviewer may have been one of their earlier creations, and therefore sub-par. I bought two dozen (expensive @ $5+ a pop) which had every flavor they made and everyone at work loved them, including myself. The one in the review was one of their “okay” ones–I wasn’t a fan either. But the Bacon covered one was so good I have no words other than, it must be tried. If you really want to try what could be called the LA version of the Cronut, DK is the place to check out ASAP!

  • Claudia Chin

    Omg. Just had the cronut from KETTLE GLAZED in Franklin Village in LA and it was AMAAAZING. I was still trying to comprehend what I was eating by the time I was done inhaling it. Try it!