Talking Fruit With Actor Bill Pullman

The Fruit Hunters, a new documentary about fruit fanatics, is out now.


Actor Bill Pullman appears in The Fruit Hunters, a new documentary about tropical fruit fanatics, which is out right now. In it, Pullman shares his insights into growing fruit in L.A. There are challenges, there is community, and there are rewards in the form of sweet, otherwise hard-to-find, fruit.

Why plant an orchard on a rocky Hollywood hillside?
There’s always been agriculture in Hollywood—years ago there was a pineapple grove at the bottom of Beachwood Canyon. Our neighborhood has a tradition of doing things together, so we launched a fruit-centric project. We identify trees in people’s yards that can be picked, and then we hold a “picking kitchen,” where we make things with the fruit or donate it to food pantries.

What kinds of dishes have you prepared?
With tropical fruits there are flavors you’ve never quite experienced before. We’ve made sapote ice cream, which is so creamy, you’d swear there was dairy in it. Right now Fuyu persimmons are the most exciting—they’re great dried, like candy.

The Fruit Hunters hits theaters this month and will be available on VOD.

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