Sushi Burrito

A sushi burrito? This food truck megaroll makes a big-bite lunch


The Dish: Jogasaki #4 
The Chef: Yo Pratioto  
The Truck: Jogasaki Burrito 

The same vinegary-sweet sticky rice that bulks up your California roll fills the massive burrito.

Soy Paper
The sesame-speckled sheets sometimes used for sushi are a touch too small for his “tortilla” wrap, which can make for a messy meal.

Spicy Tuna
Raw yellowfin tuna is ground with a mix of mayo, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, and a chili-sesame oil.

Avocado and Cucumber
“I cut the cucumber into big wedges. I really want people to have a feel of every single ingredient.” Two fat avocado slices add cool creaminess.

“We boil eel in a sweet sauce of soy, sake, sugar, and mirin, then roast the eel right before serving so you don’t feel the tiny bones.”

Shrimp Tempura
“This part is easy. We have a fryer on the truck and  just mix up the tempura batter and fry the shrimp to order.”

Photograph by Jessica Boone

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