New Dating Site Makes Matches Based on Food


If you sign up with,, or any number of other online dating sites, chances are you’ll spend as much time filling out the match-making questionnaire as you will actually dating. Relationship history, interests, faith, body-type, education—sure, that’s all important, but perhaps not as important as how you like your steak. is a brand new dating site which matches you based on one thing, and one thing only: food. That’s right—just fill out only the most basic bio information (age and location), and then go into depth about your favorite types of cuisine, disclose any allergies or special diets, and bingo—that’s it. The site will set you up with someone in town who shares your culinary lifestyle. 

From a press release: creator Jeff Nimoy, says “I realized every couple that eats differently must have a problem. How can vegans and meat lovers make it over the long haul?! I did some research, and ‘incompatible diet’ is one of the top reasons couples break up. So I created for everyone with this problem… but mostly so I can find a girl who likes my cooking!”

Now, this is a site we can get behind. After all, an aversion to sushi, spicy food or, say, sea urchin tells us more about you than just your tastes. And since most first dates revolve around food anyway, be it dinner or ice cream or coffee, this seems to make sense. Hey, if the date’s a bust, at the very least you got some decent Korean BBQ out of it.

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  • nino

    I’ve run into some real crappy people on dating sites. What they say in their profile isn’t true at all. I was wondering if there was a website where people blog the truth about some of these fakes and I found it’s actually more of a social network thing for people who would like to meet travel mates from different countries. The good thing about it is that it’s totally secure because they have the feature of video chatting with these girls so you’ll not share your personal contacts unless you’re 100% sure , One thing that I really liked was the tips on how to avoid scam and fraud.