Last Minute Valentine’s Idea: Beverly Hills Walking Chocolate Tour

What you don’t know: your girlfriend’s favorite yoga pants brand, her ring size, what rare breed of succulent she mentioned loving when she saw it at that restaurant that one time. What you do know: chocolate is delicious.


With Valentine’s Day in less than a week (!), the window to plan the perfect rom com-worthy affair is about ready to slam shut, but thankfully the Beverly Hills Walking Chocolate Tour has you covered. Led by owner-circus juggler Casey Martin, the tour’s an afternoon-long romp through Beverly Hills’ more iconic cacao castles, with, of course, free chocolate samples available at each. Sip on cayenne-spiked hot chocolate at Coupa Café, scarf down a whole Sprinkles cupcake, nibble on Vosges chorizo truffles, or indulge on a few pan-crisp Beverly Hills Brownie Company brownies, all while telling yourself all the walking is actually burning off the calories. 

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance; $80 for 2 people until the end of February. Beverly Hills Walking Chocolate Tour, 9548 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, 90210, (717) 315-6707 or

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