Jeremy Fox’s New Stint Is Totally Not A Pop Up (But It Totally Is)


So this is what Jeremy Fox has been up to… After his recent split from the much-anticipated Barnyard, which was set to open in Venice, Fox is moving on with the help of fellow Barnyard expats Helena Brown and Helen Springut. Starting December 6, you can find the whole gang back together at Square One Dining for a temporary dinner series called Old Soul.

Fox’s four-course, $50 per person menu will come as no surprise to those who attended his Barnyard preview at Test Kitchen. Sample menus forecast dishes like duck consommé with pumpkin and faro, chipped beef tongue with hash browns and truffle fondue, and shellfish and hominy succotash with creole sauce.

The menu will change weekly—even though reservations are only currently being accepted for December 6-9 and December 13-16. Still, Springut and co. say there are plans to resume service in 2013 after the holiday.

Old Soul is the first project from Springut and Brown’s new business venture, this is not a pop up™. So, if this is not a pop up isn’t a pop up, then what is it? The duo are calling it a “culinary incubator” (sounds cozy), which from what we can gather is a cross between a restaurant management company, a NOT-pop-up organizer, and a marketing firm that hopes to team up with more chefs in the future.

Make reservations by phone at 323-451-1767, or by email [email protected].

Old Soul (at Square One), 4854 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles,

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