It’s “Adios” for Chef Perfecto Rocher at Lazy Ox


In the midst of a critically-acclaimed run at the Lazy Ox Canteen and plans for a paella-based side project with owner Michael Cardenas, chef Perfecto Rocher has left his position at Lazy Ox and is now working on a new, mysterious solo venture.

In a cryptic tweet on Tuesday, the Catalan chef revealed, “I left Lazy Ox and am now in the very early stages of my next project. Can’t say more right now but it is exciting!”

The Ox team and Rocher remain tight-lipped on the details of the split, but Rocher has made it clear that whatever his next restaurant is, it will honor his Spanish heritage. 

Eater reports that Travis Chase of The Tin Table in Seattle will replace Rocher, and that Cardenas is in talks with a “big name chef” for the Santa Monica paella restaurant. Innnnteresting… 

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