In Memoriam: Two-Buck Chuck


Born Charles Shaw, “Two-Buck Chuck” was 11 years old. He resided in Trader Joe’s until his death from the notorious price increase disease.

The still-affordable wine will need a new name, as it ventures outside of the famous $1.99 retail price and into the $2.49 realm. “Two-and-a-Half-Buck Chuck?” It just doesn’t sound the same…

Where will college kids now go when in need of stocking up on cases of bargain wine? He is survived by his cousin Franzia and his uppity Australian brother, Yellowtail. We hang our heads today for “Two-Buck Chuck,” our main squeeze throughout our broke 20s. His legacy will live on in our memories—of hangovers.  

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  • jgb

    last i knew, ‘2 buck chuck’ was actually $2.99 in the seattle area, and that maybe 4 years ago already. sadly, here in tennessee tj’s can’t sell wine, but it’s still pretty crowded.

  • Not a two buck chuck luver

    Great blog post. Goes to show you how everything has become a victim of the economy. very well written.