Food Flick Friday: Foodies Documentary Looks Both Appetizing and Sad

“The things you do for food…”


Fortissimo films, the same distribution company that brought us the magnificent Jiro Dreams of Sushi, now points their camera—not at the chefs behind the world’s most exclusive restaurants—but at the select consumers who goes to extreme lengths to dine out and abroad. While some might wait hours for a ramen burger, others may travel the world looking for the next culinary masterpiece. Somehow, instead of it looking like an experience worth saving up for, it ends up looking uncomfortable. Instead of standing for one who seeks out the comfort and joys of nourishment, the word “foodie” has taken on a shallow meaning, as the film, to be released next February 2014, shows.

Foodies Promo from B-Reel on Vimeo. Food Flick Friday posts on

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