Flame Throwers: L.A. Chefs’ Favorite Home Grills

Here’s what lights their fire.


Even professional chefs like to throw a barbecue now and then, which means they—like us plebeians—need to have a home grill. In the market for a new toy yourself? We’ve made the search a little easier by getting some of L.A.’s charcoal commandos to spill their preferred at-home equipment.

Name: Chris Phelps and Zak Walters
Restaurant: Salt’s Cure
Favorite home grill: The Big Green Egg
Why they love it: 
“The egg is a versatile hybrid grill-smoker that allows you to produce restaurant-quality smoked meats or perfectly grilled meats, all-in-one. It maintains nearly perfect temperatures without having to be as hands on as you would with other hybrids in its class.”


Name: Taylor Boudreaux
Restaurant: Napa Valley Grille
Favorite home grill: Weber Genesis E330
Why he loves it: “Comes with 12k BTU Side Burner for all your simmering needs. There’s also an internal sear burner, to lock in juices on whatever you’re grilling. I love it.”


Name: Jet Tila
Restaurant: The Charleston
Favorite home grill: Konro Charcoal BBQ Grill
Why he loves it: “The beauty of Japanese charcoal, commonly referred to as Binchōtan, is that it burns fairly smokeless and extremely hot for a very nice sear.”


Name: Brandon Boudet and Warner Ebbink
Restaurant: Little Dom’s
Favorite home grill: Weber Kettle Grill
Why they love it: “The size and the ease of transporting it to anywhere you may want to have a party!!”


And, for the home chef who prefers to cook indoors…

Name: Kuniko Yagi
Restaurant: Hinoki & the Bird
Favorite home INDOOR grill: Le Creuset’s Square Skillet Grill
Why she loves it: “It conducts heat really well. I make a great brick chicken at home with this grill and it makes the chicken skin so perfectly crispy.”



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