First Episode of ABC’s The Taste Gets Lukewarm Reviews

Will it be able to capture the same level of respect as Top Chef, or it just another overly produced “reality” show?

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A few days have passed now since Tuesday’s premiere of The Taste, ABC’s new competitive cooking show hosted by Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludovic Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey. And while I had some level of trepidation before it first aired, I still like the premise and genuinely hope the show would be able to focus on the proverbial steak rather than the sizzle. Turns out that The Taste was the top-watched program in its primetime slot, but not without its share of detractors on Twitter, many of whom had high hopes for the show. 

I’ve massive amounts of respect for the judges and the empires they’ve created through their cooking acumen, no doubt, but early reviews of the show do not sound anywhere near as promising. What did I think? I thought I had better things to do than watch the two-hour spectacle of a premiere, though since the mag’s head honcho of dining, Lesley Bargar Suter, said she’d tune in again, I’ll try giving the next (NOT two-hour long) episode a chance.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered up what others across ye olde Twitterverse had to say. There were some positive reviews, but they were admittedly few and few between. And you may pick up on some themes in the tweets from those that were a little less optimistic about the show’s future.

(Wanna watch and decide for yourself? You can watch the full episode online at ABC’s The Taste page.) 

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  • DMW

    I loved this show. I was unable to catch the 2 hour premier but watched it online the next day and loved it. The taste is the thing. If you here all the sob stories or cockiness from the contestants then your judgement may be impaired. Love this concept, keep it up!

  • Lis Mitchell

    I first have to ask “What is in it for me”? Sorry I find “The Taste” absolutely miss at this point… I do understand and respect the 4 Chefs but what use is it to listen to them after tasting a mouthful telling us either yes or no. Not giving us much idea what it contain or only their personal likes or dislike…

    For 2 hours it’s the most boring program I have to sitting waching a program that doesn’t male any sense. Yes, I will probably look next time to see any improvement, if not I will not waste my time….

  • Kate holzle

    Frustrating. Spent two hours of judges saying…oh i made a mistake, i should have said yes.
    Too much food on a little spoon can’t display the tastes to its best advantage. Head for desserts which are not so complex. Give it up.

  • Joe

    Why do they have to curse through out the show? This is on when the whole family is still awake. The constant beeps and not even beeping certain words should be televised a little later.

  • Andy

    Bourdain totally sold himself to the devil on this one…. Wow disappointed in him. Thought he was a total food expert, and world traveler. Let’ s try to be a little more staged! Lost m on this one… I love all things real competition and good food stuffs.

  • John

    I am big fan of Hells Kitchen and Master Chef. I have gotten my “Taste” and I just want to Spit it out.

  • Julie

    I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode of “The Taste”, and will continue to enjoy this show as long as it is aired. What I find deplorable is the constant whining about Greg. He is attitudinal. He is arrogant. He does have an air of superiority. However, this show is not titled “The Etiquette” or “The Tact”. This is “The Taste”. Greg can cook, that much is clear. He has earned his rightful place in the standings.

    When I go to a restaurant, I want the person who is making my meal to be sure of themselves. I want them to know exactly what they’re doing in that kitchen, and I would hope others do as well. Greg’s arrogance is not annoying or bothersome to me, it is a necessity in this career field. If you’re not sure about what you’re putting on that plate, how on earth do you expect the recipient to be sure of what they’re eating?

    I hope Greg wins it all.

  • Mae

    #TeamMalarkey. Chef K now makes her rounds to the Fabric of Social Dining Restaurants!!!