Eat Your Phone: An L.A. Food Lover’s Guide to Apps


theessentials_masa_tChefs Feed
Order like a celebrity chef, with specific dish recommendations from more than 50 local chefs such as Suzanne Tracht and Michael Voltaggio. 


theessentials_masa_tKnow What
The travel app’s food section features L.A. experts like Caroline on Crack, Joshua Lurie of Food GPS, and O.C. taco honcho Gustavo Arellano. 


Find what’s in season based on your GPS location, and stay connected with Local Dirt’s network of farmers and farmers’ markets. 


theessentials_masa_tRoad Stoves GPS
Still one of the best food truck apps, Road Stoves allows you to see via GPS where the South Philly Experience is stuffing cheese-steaks. 


Why a cupcake app? To check the flavor calendar, track the Sprinklesmobile, and send virtual Facebook cupcakes. 

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