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The Day the Twinkie Dies: Hostess Files for Bankruptcy

Posted By: Randy Clemens · 11/16/2012 10:00:00 AM

Whether you're of the camp that's saddened by the news or more in the good riddance mindset, today's news that Hostess was filing for bankruptcy and liquidating its assets did come as a bit of a surprise. In addition to Twinkies, Hostess has been churning out what have (unfortunately) become iconic American foodstuffs like Wonder Bread and Ho Ho's for the past 82 years.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Hostess was a “victim of changing consumer tastes, high commodity costs and, most importantly, strained labor relations, Hostess ultimately was brought to its knees by a national strike orchestrated by its second-largest union.” 

The news is still very fresh, and there are already rumors of Bimbo potentially stepping in to sweep up the Frankenfood company and its far-from-nutrititive recipes. Whatever may happen, we just have to say that the reaction on Twitter today has been wildly entertaining. Behold a sampling of some of our favorites:

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