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My Farmers’ Market Haul

Posted By: Lesley Bargar Suter · 11/12/2012 3:31:00 PM

My trip to the farmers market (usually Atwater Village, sometimes Hollywood, occasionally Altadena) is the highlight of my week. Behold, my loot!

Where: Atwater Village Farmers’ Market

When: 11/11, 10:30 a.m.

1. Organic onions, shallot, and garlic from the same farmers who bring excellent potatoes and eggs. I don’t know the farm name but they carry excellent staples. 

2. Asian pear from the same folks I buy my citrus from. My husband hates apples (downright un-American, I say!) but he’ll eat an Asian pear like nobody’s business. These are especially sweet.

3. Plums – the last of the season from a relatively new stand. No sprays, they swear. We’re not quite to citrus season, so these should satisfy my fruit loving, apple-shunning spouse in the meantime.

4. Herbs from South Central Farmers Cooperative. I scooped up some parsley, dill, and cilantro. I buy whatever I can from South Central – at a smaller market like Atwater they’re one of the good’uns.

5. Kale, curly, from South Central Farmers Cooperative. I know everyone’s all about the black, flat leaf kale, but this stuff just clings to dressing better in a salad.

6. Lemons from the Asian greens lady. I don’t know her farm name, but she carries great Asian produce plus a few other seasonal specialties like favas, squash blossoms, shishito peppers, and more. These lemons, on the other hand, are not so special, but the price was right.

7. Hummus, tzatziki, and dolmades from the Mom’s Products stall. This is what happens when I go to the market hungry—I impulse buy.

8. Spaghetti squash from Jimenez Farms. Jimenez is another one of my standby Atwater farmers. Great organic produce, incredible meat, and pies by Marcy. I’ve been wanting to try the whole “sub noodles with spaghetti squash” thing. Some of my friends swear by it, but then again they’re also the ones who “indulge” with turkey bacon substitute cauliflower for rice or mashed potatoes, swearing “it’s just as good!” I’m doubtful. Still, this squash was just begging for it.

9. Three-plus pounds of boneless, grass-fed lamb shoulder from Jimenez. I went for stew meat but this was the closest I came. A few hours later I chopped some of this baby up, froze the rest, and made a wicked lamb stew for a cold Sunday night.

10. Fuji apples from the nice Asian apple farmers. Again, I don’t know their names but their fujis are incredible and ideal for a lunch spent at my desk­—of which there will be many this week. They also carry jujubes which I’ve been tempted to buy.

11. Jumbo carrots from the Asian greens lady. I love dipping carrots in hummus for lunch, but hate those pre-moded carrot nubs at the store. One of these enormous carrots will yield enough for two lunches. Plus, they’re super sweet and doubly crunchy.  I threw a few in my stew, as well.

12. Celery. I always make sure to keep some on hand for mirepoix. Certainly not ants on a log. Certainly not…



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