ABC’s The Taste Premieres Tonight

Bourdain says it shattered his preconceived notions about food and people, but will it shatter our preconceived notions about most new food TV shows?

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When I think of things the world needs more of, food television shows aren’t exactly at the top of my list. That said, I kinda like the premise of The Taste, premiering tonight on ABC.

Chefs Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey, along with food TV alumni Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain, are put up on a massive American Idol style stage and given just one ceramic spoonful of a dish, though they have no idea who prepared it. It could come from a professional chef, but it could also be the brainchild of an amateur home cook. The four “mentors” (not judges) then critique the dish, offering up advice (and/or praise) to whoever may have prepared it, letting someone go at the end of each episode.

To be honest, I didn’t really care until Monsieur Bourdain laid it out a little more clearly during a media Q&A a few weeks back. “It really makes you think about these preconceived notions you have of food, and of people,” he explained. “We’d get a taste of this incredibly rich and heavy BBQ, and you’d just assume that it came from a big Southern guy. Or we’d get something very refined, very classic French technique, which you’d expect from a professional kitchen. But I can’t even start to tell you how often we were dead wrong when guessing who might be behind a certain dish.”

A two-hour premiere seems a bit over-the-top, which makes me scared that The Taste is going to be yet another spectacle versus an actual show of substance, but I’d love nothing more than to get my preconceived notions about food TV shows shattered. Fingers crossed that this is a good one.

The Taste, premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC

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  • sidney holmes

    The judges suck.the lack judgment. afraid to try new things less intrest of required taste.

  • Anthony Minieri

    After watching the judges shoot down Kyle Schutte who had served them a very interesting and different type of taste….I think the show needs to find new judges and send these back to cooking school or outer space…what a waste of time to watch them tell him no knowing they had made the wrong decision….because they said they did….these judges are destroying good cooks and chefs and obviously don’t care….Malarkey said Mr. Schutte’s dish took him out of his comfort zone? What is that supposed to mean? Maybe Malarkey could learn something from Mr. Schutte or maybe that was the problem …it was too good…and Bourdain is still just being Bourdain….again…what a waste of time.

    Anthony Minieri

    • susan

      This Nigella person seems to be a big nobody thinking that she has the right to judge some really neat creative dishes. She should be kicked to thr curb and get some real talent in there.So far,this show has been disappointing.

    • b-nasty

      Obviously you are on kyle’s nuts! It was his second time getting rejected on this show and what’s so interesting about a caprese salad?!?, I’ve worked with kyle and he’s always trying to do those types of gastro-type dishes that don’t end up working out. Bottom line his “reconstructed salad” was just a cheeseball with some balsamic inside that probably tasted like shit like all the judges faces said when they took that first bite.

  • Tina

    The judges are to critical, it makes the show very boring. Good luck to the show but I think I will pass in watching it

  • DC Yamini

    terminally boring

  • Katherine Kessler

    I am sitting in my living room trying to enjoy this new food show-but-there are way too many commercials !!!!! I counted 9 different ads during one break.
    That is way to many ads. Is Abc that broke?

  • Carol

    The cooking equivalent of The Voice. While nothing made me salivate, it will be interesting to see these 4 chefs become mentors. Can do without the drama from Diane Dimeo again….wasn’t her stint on Chopped enough?!

  • LC

    Well that was Two-hours I’ll never get back in my life! …I truly kept waiting for it to “Get Better”! It wouldn’t even be worth recording it it’s only spot was at 2am with the info-mertials.

    I’d rather see those judges appear on “Chopped” so they could all disappear!! –Oh, but NONE of them would do that because they are ‘too good’.

  • TexasSmiles

    I enjoy cooking shows. I’m a big fan of many of them, but I watched maybe 5 minutes of The Taste, deleted it from my DVR and also the ‘season pass’. Just the opening looked mean with the snarky remarks of the judges. And I can certainly live without ever seeing the arrogant Anthony Bourdain, much less hearing him speak. There is so little to watch on TV anymore and this is just another reason why.

  • WJ

    I’ve only watched parts of the show a few times because everytime I watch it, the judges do nothing but put the contestents down, and reject them. There is nothing uplifting or enjoyable about this show. The judges can’t seem to appreaciate anything the contestents do. They are starting to seem rather arrogant and booring as hell. Can’t stomach more than a few minutes of this show at a time.