Thrill Murray: Yeah, There’s A Bill Murray Coloring Book


Want to see Bill Murray? Don’t look to the big screen. Instead, look for him in a much smaller but more tangible format: the coloring book. The 61-year-old actor’s latest starring role is in Thrill Murray, a 51-page book filled with drawings inspired by the actor’s assorted cinematic personae. Flip through it and you’ll find images of him in Groundhog Day, The Life Aquatic, and Ghostbusters, among many other films.

The book, which comes out on August 13, is the doing of British company Belly Kids, which worked with 23 illustrators to complete the project. Bill Murray was a popular topic of conversation among Michael Coley’s friends, inspiring him to create a coloring book for kids of all ages.

There’s always been a whiff of childish glee beneath Murray’s hangdog demeanor. Seeing the ultimate childhood playtime staple reconcieved to pay homage to the 61-year-old comedian is a neat twist. After all, the joy of coloring is ageless. Go ahead and break out that box of Crayolas. Smudge between the lines. Fill the man up.

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