The Best Costumes & Kookiness at Comic-Con 2013

There’s no better place to play dress-up


Four days. More than 600 hours of programming. At least 130,000 people. Comic-Con 2013 is over, but the menagerie of robots, superheroes, villains, and monsters will live on.

Fortunately for your viewing pleasure, the “average Comic-Con attendee today is about 400 times more attractive than in the 1990s,” reports Glen David Gold. There’s no better place to play dress-up but, like any fashion scene, each Comic-Con season has its trends. According to an early Twitter report from Zak Smith: “Female Thors are up, Female Robins are down, Cyclopses mostly travel with other Xmen.”

Check out our slide show. It’s never too soon to start planning next year’s ensemble.

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