Street Food Cinema Announces 2017 Outdoor Movie Schedule

Movies. Food. Drinks. See you there.

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Street Food Cinema is back with movies, live music, and gourmet street food. The sixth season features over 60 events in 11 locations throughout Los Angeles, including a return to the renovated L.A. State Historic Park. The season runs from April 29 to October 28. For tickets and more information go here.

OK, let’s get to what you really wanted–the movies:


4/29: Opening Night TBA, Exposition Park


5/06: Singin’ in the Rain, Syd Kronenthal Park

5/06: Aladdin, Griffith Park

5/13: The Breakfast Club, Poinsettia Rec Park

5/13: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Los Angeles State Historic Park

5/20: Toy Story, Will Rogers State Historic Park

5/20: Clueless, Victory Park

5/27: Back to the Future, Verdugo Park


6/03: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Victory Park

6/03: 500 Days of Summer, Will Rogers State Historic Park

6/10: Beauty and the Beast, Griffith Park

6/10: Purple Rain, Poinsettia Rec Park

6/17: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Eagle Rock Park

6/17: Hocus Pocus, Syd Kronenthal Park

6/24: Crazy, Stupid, Love., Glendale Central Park

6/24: Friday, Exposition Park


7/01: The Sandlot, Brand Library Park

7/01: Napoleon Dynamite, Will Rogers State Historic Park

7/02: Fight Club, Los Angeles State Historic Park

7/08: Grease, Griffith Park

7/08: Boogie Nights, Exposition Park

7/15: Deadpool, Los Angeles State Historic Park

7/22: Pretty in Pink, Syd Kronenthal Park

7/22: School of Rock, Victory Park

7/29: The Hunger Games, Glendale Centeral Park

7/29: Wayne’s World, Poinsettia Rec Park


8/05: E.T., Griffith Park

8/05: 8 Mile, Exposition Park

8/12: Almost Famous, Eagle Rock Rec Park

8/12: Monsters, Inc, Syd Kronenthal Park

8/19: Pitch Perfect, Will Rogers State Historic Park

8/19: Despicable Me, Victory Park

8/26: Selena, Glendale Centeral Park

8/26: Silver Linings Playbook, Poinsettia Rec Park


9/02: 10 Thing I Hate About You, Will Rogers State Historic Park

9/02: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Victory Park

9/09: The Mighty Ducks, Griffith Park

9/09: Mean Girls, Marriott Golf Course

9/16: The Princess Bride, Brand Library Park

9/16: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Poinsettia Rec Park

9/23: Edward Scissorhands, Syd Kronenthal Park

9/30: Never Been Kissed, Glendale Centeral Park


10/7: Batman, Victory Park

10/14: The Addams Family, Marriott Golf Course

10/14: Casper, Syd Kronenthal Park

10/21: Jurassic Park, Will Rogers State Historic Park

10/21: Beetlejuice, Verdugo Park

10/28: The Silence of the Lambs, Poinsettia Rec Park

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  • xbattlecatx

    Why dont you guys play older movies?
    double indemnity
    some like it hot
    young frankenstein
    roman holiday