Sound Art


Music surrounds us, whether it’s playing in a grocery store or blasting from people’s cars. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to learn about it. Sound Art aims to change that. An innovative non-profit that travels from site to site providing music education to kids from ages 10 to 18, the organization seeks out areas in which students don’t have music classes. All the teachers are professional musicians who help children make music of their own. “They don’t only teach music but also bring a level of new information to young kids,” says founder Catherine Goldwyn. “We call ourselves musicians on a mission.”

Since Sound Art launched in 2002, the organization has worked with more than 16,000 children in the Los Angeles area, offering a variety of classes from percussion ensemble and production to basic music and lyrics. These classes, which teach improvisation and composition techniques, also help students with their teambuilding skills. According to Goldwyn, the program has improved grades and decreased dropout rates.

Now, a few Sound Art alumni will get to show off what they’ve learned. Student band the Breed Street Rookies will perform at the Solstice Skyline in Pasadena this Saturday and again on October 27. Even better, Heyday Media Group will release two songs written by The Breed Street Rookies in October. But that hasn’t made the kids lazy. The group is currently working on more songs and hopes to keep performing.  

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