Sneak Peek of Ryan Heffington’s Newest Video, ‘Live Nude Dancing’

Despite the title there aren’t any naughty bits, but there are plenty of clowns in this dance-animation video


Sometimes art begets art. Other times art begets bizarre dancing clowns as in the case of Live Nude Dancing, the latest video project commissioned by MOCAtv.

This dance-animation clip expands on a scene from Silver Lake choreographer Ryan Heffington’s KTCHN, a recent drag dance/art exhibition that was inspired by the colorful work of New York painter Nolan Hendrickson. Like the show and paintings before it, Live Nude Dancing explores greed, celebrity, and gay culture through the rise and fall of its green-faced protagonist. Or maybe it’s just a dude dancing around a boxing ring in a garish yellow wig and tight red briefs.

The video is the collaborative effort of Heffington and two other local artists, director Daniel Trese and animator Johnny Woods, whose 3D renditions are intercut with the live-action scenes. The result of their work is something bizarre but accessible by MOCAtv standards (though perhaps not as immediately grasped as the gorgeous Bjork video released on the channel last year).

Live Nude Dancing premieres Monday, July 22, but you can watch it in its entirety below.

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