Review: 104.3 FM’s “My Big Night Out”


104.3 My FM’s “My Big Night Out” concert at the Hollywood Bowl featured Gavin DeGraw, Train, and Maroon 5, bands characteristic of the radio station’s mellow pop vibe. Gavin DeGraw opened with “Chariot” and “I Don’t Want to Be” as the sun set and the stadium filled with fans. By the time a horn announced Train’s entrance, the audience was ecstatic. Lead singer Patrick Monahan did an excellent job of keeping the crowd involved, asking for volunteers to dance on stage with him and running into the audience while singing “Marry Me.” “You all just married me you realize,” he joked. The band played songs including “Hey Soul Sister” and “Meet Virginia”—then finished off with “Drops of Jupiter,” which had everyone singing and dancing along. 

By the time Maroon 5 took the stage, I couldn’t imagine the night getting any bigger, but My FM had a few surprises up their sleeve. Maroon 5 weaved flawlessly in and out of their own slew of hits—“This Love,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Misery”—as lead singer Adam Levine gushed about how happy he was to be playing at the Hollywood Bowl. “Growing up in LA, this is definitely the venue you dream of playing.” The singer was bursting with energy and danced around the stage in black pants and a red T-shirt that matched his electric guitar. After a few songs, Levine introduced Javier Colon, the winner of NBC’s The Voice, to help him sing Michael Jackson’s  “Man in the Mirror.” Levine, who coached Colon on the reality show, seemed proud to be singing with his protégé.  Colon wasn’t the only surprise guest, however. “Since it’s a special night, we needed a couple of special guests,” explained Levine. Just then Stevie Nicks took the stage to sing a heart-warming duet of “Leather and Lace.”

As the show came to an end, Levine dedicated their last song, “She Will Be Loved,” to all the women in the audience, and specifically to a girl named Heather who he brought out on the stage. “She was our first fan, and though we always give her the best seat in the house, tonight we wanted to give her an even better seat,” he said. I wasn’t on stage, but I felt the love. It would have been impossible not to.  

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