PST Review: State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970


Show: State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970
Location: Orange County Museum of Art
What to expect: The State of Mind exhibition focuses on Conceptual art and new genres in Northern and Southern California that emerged during the late 1960s and mid ‘70s. The exhibition features more than 150 works of art, including installations, photographs, videos, and books. Environment, politics, and the human body are sources for inspiration among the 60 different contributing artists, many of which are experimental. 

The exhibit is divided into numerous subsections, each featuring its own music and atmosphere. One features room-sized installations, each of which could be an exhibition unto itself. My personal favorite, Public Spaces, projects a hippie vibe with posters and music.

What we won’t really prepare you for is Body and Performance, except to say that from a distance, you will notice a strange smell coming from an object in the middle of the room. Your shock is guaranteed.

And while you’re there…: Several projectors display videos work checking out in a room just across the lobby from the main exhibition.

Photograph courtesy

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