PST Review: Places of Validation, Art & Progression


Show: Places of Validation, Art & Progression    
Location: California African American Museum                                  
What to expect: The African American artists featured in Places of Validation, Art & Progression remind us of a very dark chapter in U.S. history and the racial inequalities that exists today. Upon entering the room, you will see a variety of photos from personal albums, videotaped interviews with artists, paintings, and figures. All of the works are inspired by discrimination. This gives the exhibition a heavy atmosphere, with slave ships and figures on display. However, there are paintings that depict lighter themes as well, where we see happy people and bright colors. Many of the works also deal with Christianity.
And while you’re there… : CAAM’s second exhibit, “Gallery of Discovery,” walks you through the time of slavery in the U.S. You will see life-size slave figures at work in the cotton field. 

Photograph: My Miss America, by Ernie Barnes, courtesy

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