Petersen Automotive Museum Gets Whopping Donation


Our Wilshire Boulevard neighbor, The Petersen Automotive Museum, just received a $100 million donation in cash, buildings, land, and cars, from Margie Petersen and the Margie and Robert E Petersen Foundation.

The Museum sits on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax and houses one of the largest collections of rare automobiles in the nation. Margie, who is the widow of the museum’s founder, Robert Petersen, said this donation is intended to ensure the museum’s continued success. 

Robert Petersen was a native Southern Californian, a magazine mogul, and general lover of all things motorized. He single-handedly launched Hot Rod and Motor Trend magazines. In 1994 he realized his lifetime goal of opening the educational museum dedicated to America’s favorite mode of transportation. He passed away in 2007.

Executive director Buddy Pepp plans to fully refurbish the Petersen’s interior and add some curb appeal to the façade. The large endowment should keep the museum rolling for years to come.

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