Madeleine Brand + KCRW: The Two Tastes That Taste Great Together

Will it be ‘The Madeleine Brand Show’ v2.0 in Santa Monica?


It’s the news that L.A. media watchers have been expecting for nearly a year: Madeleine Brand, who departed KPCC last September after the Pasadena station’s management tried to revamp her eponymous morning show, is returning to radio. Her new home will be KCRW and the format will be a one-hour midday show.

Per an email sent yesterday by KCRW general manager Jennifer Ferro, Brand is starting at the Santa Monica station in mid-September and her as yet unnamed show will launch “some months after she arrives.” Since leaving KPCC, Brand has been contributing pieces to SoCal Connected, the public television program on KCET. She has also done a few guest stints on KCRW, and she’s the heir apparent to Warren Olney, host of To the Point and Which Way, L.A.?, if and when he wants to retire.

It’s another major change for KCRW, which recently axed long-running shows hosted by Tom Schnabel and Harry Shearer from the terrestrial airwaves (Shearer returns to radioland at KCSN). 

In her email, Ferro points out:

This will be our first daily program that we’ve created since To the Point’s launch in 2001 and I know it will take a lot of work and new ways of doing things here.

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  • Garrett

    Unbelievable news – hearing her voice today on KCRW, filling in for Warren Olney, I nearly ran a light! Madeleine Brand has been sorely missed by a huge contingent of radio listeners. Nearly a year after she left KPCC, her absence is still profoundly felt by me and so many of my friends and fellow-listeners. On the Madeleine Brand show, we had a radio host who really understood Los Angeles, who could switch seamlessly between serious interviews and fun features.

    This is a great win for KCRW, and for the Los Angeles radio-listening public. If only she could fill a commuter spot – she was perfect at 9am! But, first steps, I suppose.

    Welcome back, Madeleine!

  • Yney

    Extremely happy to hear back Madeleine Brand on air, but most of all, ecstatic that she will be back on air on my favorite station, KCRW! I missed her voice during my commute at 9am and was shocked and surprise when KPCC “tried” to revamp her show. The Madeleine Brand was definitely a loss for KPCC, on my point; however, Madeleine Brand is a perfect fit in KCRW! So Kudos to Ms. Ferro for acquiring Ms. Brand, she’ll will be another great asset for KCRW – can’t wait!