It Looks Like We’re About to Find Out What’s in Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

This could be huge

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UPDATE: It was not huge.

Tonight is the night, my friends, when all that has been hidden will be brought to light. Tonight is the night when we gaze full in the face of the tax returns Donald Trump has sworn never to reveal.

Maybe? Sure seems like it.

This afternoon, Rachel Maddow tweeted the following.

The segment will air at 9 p.m. Eastern Time which is 6 p.m. Pacific Time which means this is going down in less than an hour. Watch it live with your TV provider login here.

UPDATE: Yeah, so about an hour after her first tweet, Maddow tweeted this.

Which, like, we’re still going to watch, but that’s a MAJOR caveat. We’ll find out what it all means in 3… 2…

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Thomas Harlander is a staff writer at Los Angeles magazine. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • BillK

    If so, it’s a federal crime. Not that Maddow cares about such things.

    • Cleareye

      Not for her to expose something leaked. The leaker could be in trouble of course.

    • teenygozer

      It’s quite obviously not a federal crime.

  • Stephen Harris

    Why is this magazine so interested in his returns? What point is anyone trying to prove? Maybe, in a sense of fair play, this mag should release its tax returns more timely, so “we can all know” whether this publication is solvent or not.

    • Cleareye

      If you are a stockholder you can. Trump works for us. Show the tax returns, if there are any.

      • Stephen Harris

        If this was a public company, the SEC requires in its quarterlies and annuals minimum accounting – nothing really compared to their actual tax returns. This magazine is owned by Emmis Publishing , L.P. which implies a limited partnership. Good luck on getting its tax returns, any more than one can obtain its founder’s (Geoff Miller in 1961) tax returns, if some insipid talking head like Maddow does possess such, it is a federal felony. BTW, Trump was elected – not hired and he works for all of the people, and he will not even take a salary. So, your claim on his personal life is species at best, and not very clear eyed at all.

        • Cleareye

          The man is violating more ethics rules than you can shake a snake at. His “election” itself is suspect. He promised to show his returns so I guess Maddow is helping him out?

  • Cleareye

    Maddow is playing with fire. She’ll get a lot of eyes and had better make it worthwhile!

  • mellowman1001

    Oh dear… LA Magazine humiliates itself again.