Huell Howser Memorial: Next Tuesday

The man who loved L.A. landmarks gets an amaaaazing tribute


Although his family had said there would be no public service or memorial, word comes from councilman Tom LaBonge’s office that the city will honor Huell Howser with a tribute.

Fittingly for the man who paid tribute to so many California landmarks, Howell, will be honored next Tuesday, Jan. 15 at a Los Angeles landmark: Griffith Observatory. The remembrance starts at 4 p.m. and includes a sunset salute at 5:07 p.m. Shuttle buses will be provided from the Greek Theater to the Observatory.

Long before “hyperlocal” became a buzzword, Howser was a tireless enthusiast of the small story. As the host of California’s Gold, he reported on obscure landmarks and hidden gems. Almost anything might have struck his fancy and nearly everything did — from a man restoring a machine to make silent movie sound effects to a dog that eats avocados.

Howser passed away on Monday at the age of 67. According to Echo Park Patch, he lived in on Rossmore Avenue in city council district 4, which is administered by LaBonge.

READ: Our 2003 profile of Huell Howser by Tamar Brott in which Howser says the thought of walking down the street and seeing something amazing and not being able to broadcast it disturbs him

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  • Sally MacAller

    Huel Howser will be missed. He was a brilliant explorer of all things California, as well as charming, witty and owned ‘excellence” as an observer of beauty and the California community. Hopefully his legacy will live on and on through PBS!
    Sally MacAller

  • Kvalpak

    I absolutely loved Huell. He made me proud to be an Angeleno. Even better was the ability to discover hidden gems – people, business, stories that make up the fabric of California- as close as a few miles away. Plus, he was hot!

  • Rachael Rifkin

    I was surprised how much his death affected me. He will definitely be missed!

  • Sheila McGuire

    I feel like I lost a friend. He will be missed.

  • Christine Culler

    We have truly lost an icon…my husband and I have learned sooo much from Huell, I just love and admire this man so much. I will forever miss his great spirit :'(

  • juan alcala

    I had a chance to shake his enthusiatic hand a man of happiness unlimited like the ones we need to create a better world. we will miss you hewy. Juan Alcala The Dollhouse Dude of THE UNITED WORLD OF FREE AND CLEAR
    ( a world without loand lords, only people)