FYF Fest 2013: Your Best Bets for Sunday

My Bloody Valentine’s headlining set is an obvious pick. What else should you see?


The first day of this year’s FYF Fest is already well underway, but there are still 10 hours’ worth of great acts scheduled for tomorrow. We don’t have to tell you to make a beeline for My Bloody Valentine’s headlining set—after all, it’s only the first time in four years the Irish shoegaze heroes have toured the U.S. Your choices for the rest of the day might not be so obvious. Here are a few suggestions for Day 2 of FYF 2013. 

Sunday, August 25

Chelsea Wolfe (4:45-5:30 p.m.; Miranda Stage): Although Chelsea Wolfe has lived her entire life in California, her music is anything but sunny. Over the course of three albums, the Sacramento native has developed a sound that’s part black metal and part bluesy folk. It’s dark both lyrically and melodically, but that darkness, she explains, can often “bring about wisdom and strength.” Hence, the title of her new album Pain is Beauty, which comes out Sept. 3 on Sargent House. She’ll be playing songs from it during her FYF set. The Goth-inspired singer tells us she’s particularly looking forward to performing the electronic song “House of Metal,” a different for a performer who usually has her guitar in hand.

Yo La Tengo (6:35-7:30 p.m.; Carrie Stage): Experimental indie rock band Yo La Tengo has amassed a cult following over their nearly 30-year career. The quietly complex stretch of their thirteenth studio album, Fade, released in January, is the perfect soundtrack for late Sunday afternoon.

Beach House (8-8:50 p.m.; Carrie Stage): Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally began putting out rich, ethereal dream pop as Beach House with a 2006 self-titled album. Their sound hasn’t changed much but we’re not complaining—we’d love to listen to Legrand’s longing vocals under the night sky as much as we do locked in our bedrooms.

Solange (9:50-10:35 p.m.; Charlotte Stage): Queen Bey’s little sister has flown under the musical radar since her debut album flopped in 2003. Between acting in small roles, working on the Knowles’ family fashion line, and creating hip hop-inspired toys for kids Solange has continued to play her music, teasing out an electronic-influenced R&B identity that’s fun and appealing.

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