DO: Comedy: Sammy Obeid’s Comedy Marathon

The L.A.-based comic continues his record-busting streak: performing 1,000 nights of standup in a row


What kind of person willingly decides to work for 1,000 days straight without a day off? We asked comedian Sammy Obeid. “An obsessive-compulsive who likes round numbers. A person with something to prove and no one to hang out with. Someone who likes counting?”

The 29-year-old jokester isn’t out fighting fires or plowing fields, but doing any job nonstop for nearly three years is no mean feat. The Bay Area native, who turned down a position at Google to pursue comedy, is trying to make a name for himself by performing 1,000 days of standup in a row. He already broke the world record for most consecutive comedic performances on Christmas (Day #731), but there are still 51 chances to see his set before he goes on a much-needed vacation.

Tonight, his 949th night of jokes, you can catch the Berkeley-educated funnyman at the Hollywood Improv, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a giant mural depicting some of the club’s most famous alumni (Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, Ellen DeGeneres, and the like). Obeid will share the evening’s stage with headliners Chris D’Elia (of NBC’s recently cancelled Whitney), Dan St. Germain, and others. Obeid’s humor tends to skew highbrow; he riffs on politics, world history, and his own complicated Middle Eastern background. But if you ask politely (read: don’t laugh), he’ll probably throw in a dirty joke or two.

8162 Melrose Ave., Hollywood. Doors open 8 p.m.; show begins at 10. $14 with a two-item minimum. Can’t make tonight’s show? Visit for a list of Obeid’s upcoming gigs.

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