Comikaze Expo to Draw Celebs, “Geek Community” This Weekend


The Comikaze Expo invades Los Angeles this weekend, along with dozens of celebrities and their proud, nerdy fans. The fandom celebration of comics, tattoos, gaming and fantasy will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend.

The expo’s creators created an event “dedicated to the Los Angeles and geek community above all else,” meaning L.A.’s niche fans of zombies, anime, and even dinosaurs can let their freak flag fly. The weekend’s agenda includes dozens of panels (including a table reading of “After Hours” by the group from, celebrity signings, photo ops and exhibitions. Stan Lee, the revered creator of beloved comics like Spider-Man and the X-Men, is one of the guests of honor. A random but eclectic mix of panelists offers something tantalizing for every type of pop culture addict. Several DC Comics New 52 artists and writers, Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, and Nickelodeon’s All That cast will make an appearance. Even Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, will be there to present the trailer for his newest horror film, The Woman in Black.

Passes for the weekend are $20 (setting you back about six comic books’ worth of savings), or you can purchase a one-day pass for $12. A percentage of all proceeds will go to Los Angeles-based charities.

Buy tickets and plan your weekend of dorky delight online.

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