9 Things You Should Absolutely Know About KG Bird

The ambient rock band makes their way up the ranks of L.A.’s music scene.


❶ Indie-folk group KG Bird has grown in numbers and solidified their ambient rock sound. With an upcoming show at the Virgil on August 17 and a Silver Lake Lounge residency under their belt, they’re making their way up the ranks of L.A.’s music scene.

❷ Los Angeles-based brothers Chris and Tim James started the Echo Park indie rock group Cue the Moon in 2003. After Chris left and Cue the Moon’s frontman was arrested on drug-related charges the band fell apart.

❸ “I kind of became jaded playing music with Cue the Moon so I went back to school to study for a career in mental health,” Chris James says.

❹ Fast forward to 2013: James picked up the remnants of Cue the Moon, added bassist Ryan Parmenter, guitarist Will Nicoll, keyboardist Aya Kawaguchi, and drummer Chris Park to complete the lineup for experimental sextet KG Bird.

❺ “KG Bird was actually this album I recorded of my solo stuff about four and a half years ago,” James says. “All I had was a drum machine and me. It was more electronic but still a little folk-y.”

❻ That solo album has never come out, but KG Bird released their first EP, Morning Weather, this past spring. Each of the five prog rock-oriented tracks flow amongst reverb-modulated guitar melodies, best heard in the opening track “Pull the Mask Off.”

❼ Originally intended to be a ten track full-length album, Morning Weather was trimmed to its current length. The band hopes to release the remaining tracks as a follow-up album later this year.

❽ “We had a full length all ready to go, and then Ryan [Parmenter], who does a lot of the mixing, and our manager Katrina thought it would be better to release it as an EP and do a vinyl release, so they picked the songs they thought would work.”

❾ “I really like to write stream of consciousness style, to just summon something on the spot almost like Lou Reed. I’m still writing lots of songs and every time I come in, we seem to be getting better in terms of our cohesion and what we’re able to come up with.”

http://www.lamag.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2013/08/arrow.png Catch KG Bird play tunes off Morning Weather tonight at Harvard and Stone at 9 p.m. or on Aug. 17 at The Virgil.

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