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Skyfall, Daniel Craig, and the James Bond Gender Gap

While pundits dissect the Republican Party's dearth of women voters, there's an even more polarizing figure who splits the vote along gender lines. His name is Bond. James Bond... Read

Redirected: My LA to Z

  • My LA to Z: Shane West
    The Beachwood Canyon resident and star of Nikita tells us which Mexican spot is his favorite, where he bought his first guitar, and the one place where he’s never been disappointed

Redirected: L.A. Story

  • Christopher Walken
    The Oscar winner, native New Yorker, passionate cook, L.A. aficionado—and terrible driver—enjoys the city one step at a time

Redirected: The Seen

Redirected: Books

Redirected: Film & TV

  • Schlock and Awe
    At the height of election season, a TV critic considers what the heck has happened to the way cable news outlets cover presidential politics
  • Bruce Almighty
    With roles in a slew of movies this year, Bruce Willis shows he still has miles left in his tankful of wit and charm
  • Maker’s Mark
    Those gladiators and outlaws and aliens are just vessels for Ridley Scott, a director with a surprising philosophical streak

Dinner at Eveleigh with Rashida Jones

The actress and John Poisson, founder of Wantful, eat ice cream sandwiches to benefit The International Rescue Committee Read