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L.A.'s Most Wanted
  • Jesse James Hollywood

    Wanted for kidnapping and murder, a valley boy gangster lives up to his name

    By Jesse Katz

  • Mickey Cohen

    How an ex-underworld king-pin shot, slugged, gouged, and swindled his way from rags to riches

    By Ben Hecht

  • Golden State Killer

    Fifty rapes. Ten murders. Two identities. One man. One of the most violent serial criminals in American history was little known, never caught, and might still be out there

    By Michelle McNamara

  • Charles Manson

    In 1969 a psychopath passing himself off as a hippie guru sent members of his "Family" on one of the bloodiest killing sprees in L.A. history

    By Steve Oney

  • Freeway Rick Ross

    Out of prison and on the move, the legendary crack dealer is seeking his fortune yet again

    By Jesse Katz

  • Stephanie Lazarus

    Stephanie Lazarus was an exemplary cop. She is also a murderer. How did she evade suspicion for 23 years when she should have been the prime suspect?

    By Steve Mikulan

  • Randy Kling

    Randy Kling found his old flame in a sputtering marriage. He was her out. What she didn’t know was that Kling, a lifelong criminal who’d amassed hundreds of aliases, was also a deadly psychopath

    By Louise Farr

  • Anthony Pellicano

    His double-dealing made him Hollywood's top investigator. Then it all fell apart

    By Joe Domanick

  • Betty Broderick

    After she confessed to a young reporter about the murder of her ex-husband and his new wife, Betty Broderick became an icon for women scorned

    By Amy Wallace

  • Craig Raywood

    The interior designer’s clients included an A-list producer and the reigning realtor to the stars. There was only one problem—he ripped off almost everyone with whom he did business

    By Steve Oney

  • Phil Spector

    The route from hit-making pop producer to suspect was a long one. The night actress Lana Clarkson died, perhaps, was even longer

    By Joe Domanick


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  • Michelle McNamara
    McNamara is the blogger behind True Crime Diary. She wrote about the Golden State Killer in the March issue of Los Angeles magazine.
  • Joan Renner
    A lecturer and social historian with an expert knowledge of Los Angeles-based murders, corruption, and scandals, Renner is the writer behind Deranged L.A. Crimes.
  • Dave Gardetta
    Dave Gardetta is a writer-at-large for Los Angeles magazine. His 2002 feature "Valley Girl, Interrupted" was nominated for a National Magazine Award.
  • Michael Krikorian
    is a writer based in Los Angeles. His first novel, Southside (Oceanview), is coming out in November.