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Open City

Redirected: Open City

  • Fear Factor
    New attitudes, same scary sunglasses. The LAPD seems a force to be trusted. Then comes another round of misconduct
  • Dark Shadows
    Each fall football lightens the city’s mood; this season pens with a heavier heart
  • Slippery Slope
    A rock guitarist’s grand vision for a Malibu mountaintop has coastal watchdogs on edge


Redirected: Business

Speak Easy

Redirected: Speak Easy

  • Prince of the City
    City Councilman Eric Garcetti wants to be Mayor. He’s youngish and smart and as polished as they come. But does he have the backbone to lead L.A. where it needs to go?
  • Control Central
    Does city insider Wendy Greuel have what it takes to be the next mayor of Los Angeles? A conversation about fixing the metropolis
  • That Other Election
    The race for mayor is on. Three-term city councilperson Jan Perry makes her case for taking charge of City Hall

City Thinkers

Redirected: CityThink

  • Balancing Act
    Can the City of Los Angeles manage its budget without cutting public services? UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment director Chris Tilly weighs in
  • Where We Were
    Editor-in-chief Mary Melton and the staff of Los Angeles magazine remember the L.A. riots
  • Remembering the L.A. Riots
    Community leaders from across L.A. tell us how they experienced the unrest and how the spring of 1992 shapes their vision of our city today


Redirected: Cut!

  • Flash, Food & Lodging
    For most of us, hotels are a vacation. For L.A.’s Elite, they’re a haven. A view from life in the penthouse
  • Status, Updated
    Think of the Soho House as a country club for the cultured, a haven for the Hollywood elite. Gawkers need not apply
  • Parents, Trapped
    The stars of NBC’s new comedy Up All Night have tiny tots at home—and act with tiny tots at work. Are they out of their minds?

Film & TV

Redirected: Film & TV

  • Schlock and Awe
    At the height of election season, a TV critic considers what the heck has happened to the way cable news outlets cover presidential politics
  • Bruce Almighty
    With roles in a slew of movies this year, Bruce Willis shows he still has miles left in his tankful of wit and charm
  • Maker’s Mark
    Those gladiators and outlaws and aliens are just vessels for Ridley Scott, a director with a surprising philosophical streak


Redirected: Restaurant Reviews By Patric Kuh

  • Alma
    A tiny newcomer in downtown showcases chef Ari Taymor’s singular style
  • Mercado
    The Santa Monica restaurant riffs on the techniques of authentic Mexican without being bound to them
  • Bierbeisl
    Bernhard Mairinger reveals the subtle beauty of Austrian cooking

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