Welcome To The (Outside Of The) Gun Show

Photographer Damon Casarez intended to snap photos of the Glendale Gun Show. Instead, he captured the protest within a protest just outside.


At the Glendale Gun Show on Saturday, March 2nd, I couldn’t help but notice groups of people either protesting or supporting the right to possess firearms. Several picketers from Occupy Democracy-Pasadena were present, each of whom were fundamentally opposed to Glendale hosting a gun show on public property. Their signs reported statistics about gun violence alongside pithy remarks condemning the long-standing exhibition. Aside from protesting the “gun show loophole,” which allows the purchase of guns at a show without proper background checks, ODP member Patrick Briggs said that the group supports a measure to ban the sale of high capacity magazines to the public. The 15 ODP protesters were met with both honks of support and screams of “go home” from passing cars.

Later in the day, the South Central L.A. Tea Party rallied in defense of the 2nd Amendment and its accompanying rights. They seemed to receive more support from passing cars as well as from patrons coming and going from the show. The group sang God Bless America while marching with politically charged signs, many of which featured messages suggesting that more guns will result in less crime.



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