Update: The Latest News on the Manhunt For Christopher Dorner


Los Angeles officials yesterday announced a $1million dollar reward for information leading to the whereabouts and conviction of former LAPD officer, Christopher Jordan Dorner. Dorner, who has been on the run since Thursday, is suspected of murdering two civilians and one police officer. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, who conceived the $1 million reward idea, said that the large amount was “not about capturing a fleeing suspect, but about preventing another crime — likely another murder.” The reward money was raised by donations from local governments, law enforcement, businesses, and the public over the course of the weekend.

Meanwhile, schools in the Big Bear district where Dorner’s truck was discovered late last week reopened on Monday morning. The search for Dorner in Big Bear has subsided since no spottings of Dorner were reported since Thursday. However, additional security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the schools within the area.

Despite a swarm of tips that came in over the weekend—including one that sent many patrol officers to a Lowe’s in Northridge yesterday—none have yet lead to Dorners’ whereabouts. Officials are continuing their search in remote areas and looking as far east as Las Vegas. As of now, over 50 families of L.A. police department are under police guard watch pending Dorner’s capture.

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Anyone with information regarding the possible whereabouts of Christopher Dorner is asked to call the following non-emergency telephone numbers. 

Public Tip-Line

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  • PNW Trekker

    Dorner is a delusional, inept poser. I read part of his manifesto and if I didn’t know better I would have assumed the military bravado was written by a juvenile who’d watched too many Rambo movies.

    He is almost certainly dead of exposure on that mountain. And if he died well off a road or trail his remains may never be found.

  • smokesumthin420

    you seem like someone that may not know much, i agree with everything dorner may have had to say because his statements in his 11 page manifesto were very vivid to me. he was trying to let everyone see how it really is yet everyone is still to ignorant to say fuck the police for once, and no im not just saying this because i have trouble with the police because i truly have not but because the things he mentioned were racially discriminating and i would understand where he is coming from… just put yourself in his shoes..