The Thursday Afternoon Cram, 3/22/12


Fire Department Ordered to Stop Withholding Information
The LAFD’s refusal to report response times has lawmakers flaming. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
[Daily News]

City Council Calls for Less Sexist, Racist Radio Language
This in response to colorful commentary on Whitney Houston by these guys. Speaking of which…

Whitney Houston Death Ruled Accidental Drowning
There was cocaine in her system, though.

French Gunman Killed in Standoff with Police
After 31 hours, the suspected Al Qaeda member is, as they say, fini.

Former Coliseum Execs Arrested
Financial records have gone from fishy to allegedly fraudulent.

Ed Reyes Does Not Want A Chinatown Wal-Mart
It’s a matter of “character.”

Dog Heads Found in South L.A. Dumpster
And on the eve of National Puppy Day.

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