Police Begin Crackdown on Seatbelt Violations


It’s Tuesday, which means people everywhere are already one day into counting down the days to the next weekend. But if you’re planning on getting away this memorial weekend, or really just going anywhere, you may want to triple-check your seatbelt. 

The California Highway Patrol and local law enforcement are enforcing a broad crackdown on seat belt violations starting yesterday and extending until June 5. These tickets will cost you a pretty penny, especially if you have children riding without seatbelts in your car. 

Any child under 16 riding without a seatbelt will result in a $445 ticket while adult tickets will be $142. If the child is under 6 the driver will also receive a point on their driving record. The crackdown will be intensified at night, when drivers are more likely to be unbuckled.

Our tip: Buckle up and enjoy your memorial weekend safely and without a triple digit fine. There are plenty of better ways to spend the money. Like, on doing stuff.

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