You don’t need satellite imagery to see that L.A. lacks neighborhood parks. City hall recently launched a program to open 50 new ones over the next two years. With money and land so scarce, here’s how they’re pulling it off 

Thinking Small
Most of the parks will be pocket size, between 5,000 and 20,000 square feet, and built on vacant lots and on the sites of foreclosed homes. 

Staking Claims
Twenty-five of the properties already designated were funded by private property donations or bond sales from 2006’s Prop. 84. 

Going Automated
Features will include solar-powered trash compactors, automatic gates, and sprinklers that sense when soil is moist. 

Reassuring Neighbors
The city contends that a well-maintained park reduces crime, improves property values, and encourages exercise. 

Staying Simple
Maintenance demands will be low. Decomposed granite as ground cover will resist weeds, while rubberized flooring on playgrounds will eliminate the raking and sifting necessary to keep sand clean. 


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