My LA2050: Project Proposals For A Better Los Angeles

The Goldhirsh Foundation puts one million in grants towards a brighter future for our city—and you decide who gets it.


GOOD, a global “community of people who give a damn,” is giving L.A.’s idealists a chance to change the face of our city by the year 2050.

Along with The Goldhirsh Foundation, GOOD (whose co-founder and CEO happens to be Ben Goldhirsh), has launched the My LA2050 project, a “community-owned mechanism” designed to reimagine L.A.’s future. With the help of experts, academics, practitioners, and supporters, The Goldhirsh Foundation will fund ten Angeleno-submitted project proposals with one million in grants. 

The My LA2050 team began by compiling research and data on the health of our region alongside eight other “indicators” (education, income and employment, housing, public safety, health, environmental quality, arts and cultural vitality, and social connectedness). 279 proposals were submitted across eight categories and include ideas from well-known organizations (Homeboy Industries, CicLAvia) and relative unknowns (Skoolbo LTD, Eagle Rock Yacht Club).

Voting began April 2nd and ends tomorrow, April 17th, at 12 p.m. The Goldhirsh Foundation will then choose one of the top ten voted projects from each indicator to receive a $100,000 grant. The remaining $200,000 will be split between two projects from indicators of The Goldhirsh Foundation’s choice.

Visit the My LA2050 website to check out all of the proposals and to submit your vote.

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  • April Economides

    This is a fantastic contest – thank you for promoting it.

    Our team is excited about our Bike Local, Shop Local proposal, which will make L.A. business districts more bicycle-friendly. This improves local economies by strengthening connections between residents and their local businesses, increasing small business revenues, and improving neighborhood vitality and connectedness, all the while improving public safety, environmental health, and GLH – Gross Local Happiness.

    To vote for this:
    (1) Go to
    (2) Click “VOTE”
    (3) If you have a GOOD account, log in and you’re done. If not, register with your Facebook account or email.

    Ride on!
    April Economides
    Green Octopus Consulting
    in partnership with L.A. County Bicycle Coalition & LA Streetsblog

  • Shawn Silver

    Only 1 day left to vote for a new urban nature guide for our city!

    NativLA is a mobile app that will help us discover nature in our urban lives. The app works much like YELP, but instead of searching for sushi or a nail salon, the geo-locational map will be crowdsourced and populated with eco-adventures, such as urban foraging, local wildlife and urban farms. One will use filters such as “seasonal” and “kid-friendly” to dial up specific excursions from a few miles to a few feet of wherever you are in the city. The idea behind this app is that places known can be loved and have the best chance of being protected. NativLA will make environmental stewards of us all. If I win this grant, LA would be the pilot project and soon Nativ will be in every city in the world.

    Open voting is taking place right now. Votes = $100K in funding.

    Thank you for your support!


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