Move Over Silver Lake, Fred Armisen Says Echo Park is America’s Hippest Neighborhood

We asked the Portlandia star to weigh in on the great neighborhood debate


Silver Lake was named “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhood” by Forbes in 2012. Does this mean L.A. is more hipster than Portland?
I like to think Portland and L.A. are not rivals; they’re cousins. As cities on the West Coast, they’re distinct in their own way but still culturally similar. But as much as I love Silver Lake, it’s not the hippest neighborhood. That’s actually Echo Park. You can tell it’s really the hippest because there are still “experimental shops” where you’re not quite sure what they sell, yet they somehow stay in business.

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  • Richard Battaglia

    It starts at Chango every morning.

  • Jack

    Let the Westside have Silverlake.

  • Crand

    “Experimental shops” stay in business because of massive cash infusions from the parents of the experimental shop owners. No one actually purchases artisan terrariums.

    • Villainy

      Ah but they do, Crand. “Massive cash infusions from their parents”? I’m 43, Crand. I do not get help from my parents. I built everything in the shop myself . I painted it, my wife and I purchased all the things inside. I volunteer a lot of my time to help the community of Echo Park. What do you do besides try to call out hipsters, Crand?

    • dnarC

      Would you rather those shops be vacant? Or how about another soul crushing .99 cent store? Who cares where they get their money? They’re interesting shops and we should support them!! It seems to me that your comment is a pretty douchey one-up on what you conceive a hipster to be. I bet you think hipsters are cynical sarcastic idiots. Hey, look, they’re just like your comment! That’s weird.

    • Juliet

      I agree with Crand, but I’d like to add that another possibility is that these places are funded by grants from Big Daddy Gov. My 99c store doesn’t crush my soul, dnarC. IT offers me inexpensive organic veggies :) I’m a fan of the small shops and I support anyone who offers a good product at a fair price. I don’t care if some one’s Daddy is giving them the $ to open and keep in biz their poseur shop of expensive doo-dads. I only care if my tax $ is expected to fund some one’s bad idea. Sound fair? by the way, I live in Silver Lake, but I love both SL and Echo Park!

  • echoparklady

    Its stories like this that have changed my lil hidden gem of echo park. Die you trustfunder store types. The neighborhood doesn’t shop hate. Go back home to the westside.

  • Tina

    Echo Park was always cooler than Silver Lake.

  • Villainy General Store

    No way! I am one of those shops that he’s speaking about. A lot of people are confused by our very existence and I have NO idea how we’re still in business! Thanks for the mention, Fred!
    Stop in anytime and I will gladly give you our local villain discount of 9.0026%. To anyone reading this, I will extend the same courtesy, simply say, “I am Fred Armisen.”

    • Juliet

      You’re modest, dude. your store is very cool! You planned it out and you know your ‘hood. That’s why you’re in biz! Good for you :)

  • EPF

    This is something that residents both would like and hate to hear. But we need to work together to make the neighborhood what we would like it to be, despite the changes it may go through.