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Decades before the Google Street View car roamed your neighborhood, pop art icon Ed Ruscha provided his own panoramic take of the Sunset Strip. Mounting a Nikon in the bed of his pickup, he set out one Sunday morning in 1966 to capture every business lining the famous boulevard, including Lytton Savings and Loan (inset), with its accordion-like roof. An adjacent hot dog stand, the Plush Pup, paid homage with a similar roofline. Lytton is now a Chase Bank, while its mini doppelgänger is home to Pinches Tacos (and a stuccoed-over facade). If you sneak a peek at the building’s well-preserved backside, however, you can see it in its former zigzag glory. Ruscha’s project was immortalized in a 27-foot foldout book, which has become a collectible.

Where: Lytton Savings and Loan, 8150 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
Elapsed time:
47 years

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