Flashback Friday: How to Tell a New Yorker on Vacation in L.A.


Every Friday, we are publishing some truly classic archival content in honor of our ’80s-themed July issue. This piece, which ran in our July 1983 issue, excerpts the I Hate New York Guidebook by Warren D. Leight:

  • New Yorkers on vacation do not know what to do at a self-service gas station.
  • New Yorkers on vacation do not know how to relax. They bring their briefcases to the beach; they wear suits to Disneyland.
  • New Yorkers on vacation go through New York Times and MSG withdrawal. (“Where’s the rest of the newspaper?”)
  • New Yorkers on vacation love one-downmanship. No matter how tough or mean or dirty or corrupt something is, the New Yorker has seen worse. You’re strictly bush league: “You call this rush hour traffic? You think this is expensive?”
  • New Yorkers on vacation love one upmanship. No matter where you take them, they will compare it unfavorably to New York: “You mean this is considered a good restaurant? You mean this is downtown?”

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