Erik Wahl Drops Art Like it’s Hot


Tired of the humdrum corporate life, San Diego-based artist Erik Wahl traded his briefcase for a paintbrush, embarking on a mission to speak to the world through art. To bring creativity to businesses, he developed The Art of Vision, a motivational speaking program that took him around the world, and gradually gained fame as a graffiti and mixed media artist (he’s the guy who created a 10,000-square-foot Mona Lisa in the middle of the desert using only dirt and rocks in 2011).

“We are capable of so much more than we have been conditioned for,” says Wahl. “Art is a catalyst, art is freedom. I am an ambassador to rattle the cages of those who want to live a more passionately engaged and purposeful life.” Wahl’s latest project, Art Drop, is a treasure hunt at heart that makes the experience of discovering art a literal endeavor. Here’s how it works: Wahl provides his social media followers with a photograph of the location at which he’s “dropped” his latest original painting. The first to spot and claim the work gets to take it home. Paintings of icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King Jr. are just some of the pieces Wahl has left to be found atop rocks at the beach or hanging outside buildings. See where Wahl has dropped art, from L.A. to Barcelona


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  • Jillian

    Can’t wait to follow @ErikWahl to find out when the next Art Drop in LA is going to happen!

  • Matt Ward

    Erik is an amazing artist, but an even more amazing speaker. His message about being different, creative, and thinking outside of the box is a message that many people preach but few achieve the results that Erik does. There is something just so real about Erik that clearly allows him to connect with his audience, and results in his audience connecting and engaging with him.

    I own 6 Erik Wahl paintings, 4 of which I snagged during Art Drops! You have to work hard, be creative, and think out of the box to win and Art Drop! It’s a great concept and it is a huge thrill when you get possession of an Art Drop.