Downtown Party: Goldenvoice to Manage the Shrine


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Goldenvoice, the concert promotion company responsible for putting Jay-Z and Paul McCartney on the same desert stage, got their hands this week on one of Los Angeles’ oldest landmarks, The Shrine Auditorium.

In 2013 Goldenvoice will oversee the bookings and operations of the historic downtown venue, which once hosted such high-profile events as the Academy Awards and a Jimmy Hendrix concert but has brought in less-buzzy acts in recent years.

“We are very excited to have Goldenvoice taking over operations at the Shrine,” said John Everson, President of the Shrine Auditorium Company Board of Trustees.  “Their expertise, artist relationships and passion for live events is just what we need to bring a new generation of music fans to our historic venue.”

Along with applying that expertise, Goldenvoice has a multimillion-dollar renovation in store, including complex and amenity upgrades for the theater, which is known for its elegant design. The venue could also see an increase in shows in 2013, with up to as many as 30 more, and an increasingly diverse list of performers. Despite plans to revive the Shrine’s place as Los Angeles’ preeminent entertainment center, Goldenvoice seems not to have lost sight of what the Shrine was intended for when it was constructed in 1906—to serve as the city’s civic center. The concert promoter plans for The Shrine to continue hosting graduations, religious ceremonies, and local gatherings as it has done for decades.

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