Dodger Thoughts: Not Even Mostly Dead


To some extent, I wish the Dodgers were out of the playoff hunt.  Then the Losers Dividend would kick in, and we could all relax and enjoy our new Cool-a-Coos.

But despite all the R.I.P notices I see around the Internet, the Dodgers remain alive, one game out of a wild-card spot, thanks to the shared stubborn resistance of St. Louis and Pittsburgh to winning. The only thing that’s complicated their playoff march, other than all that losing, is the surge of Philadelphia and Milwaukee into contention.

I’d also point out that because the Dodgers have fallen so far behind San Francisco in the National League West, the door is open for them to hold Clayton Kershaw out of the season-ending series against the Giants and save him for the do-or-die wild-card elimination game should they turn their performance around.

It’s surprising that the revamped Dodger offense has been as poor as it was before the summertime trades.  It would not be more of a surprise if it decided at some point between now and early mid-October to get on a hot streak. Surely you’ve been around baseball long enough to know that some slumps end. 

Even winning the wild-card only gets the Dodgers a three-game series against Washington or Cincinnati, three games best handicapped as “you never know.” But … you never know.  

So feel free to be annoyed and vexed.  Just don’t be caught off guard if you wake up one morning, maybe even Friday morning, and the Dodgers are in playoff position.

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